Welcome to Camp Curiosity for kids in Pre-K

Do you have a budding scientist or future engineer on your hands? Is your 3-to-5-year-old super inquisitive? Endlessly curious? Or, always building with blocks or LEGOs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you very well could have a future Nobel Prize winning chemist or Mars astronaut at your breakfast table! Well, today you may be more realistically concerned with getting them to eat over their plate and chew with their mouth closed, but it doesn’t hurt to dream big and encourage a little STEM proficiency.

The Science Center’s six camp themes for our youngest scientists are age-appropriate versions of the same themes we make available to older kids. Agents of STEM: Crack the Code becomes Super Sleuths for example, and Design Studio: Movers and Makers becomes Junior Engineer. Camp challenges and science principles are scaled up or down for each age group within each theme. This flexibility allows each one of our new themes to be adaptable to a wider age range. Our Pre-K camps explore age-appropriate scientific concepts such as force and motion, the night sky, deduction and reasoning, and flight with curriculum-based STEM materials led by licensed teachers for each group.

As your child progresses toward kindergarten, our camps will build their confidence and help them grow. They will have opportunities to build relationships with peers and teachers, and collaborate with others during pre-camp activities and team building exercises.

So if you’ve ever had to hide your fancy moisturizing lotion or shaving cream because it keeps getting added to DIY slime, or asked your child to troubleshoot your tablet, take the next step and check out the six exciting camps below!

2019 Summer Camps by Theme