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What comes to mind when you think of the largest structure built by living creatures?  China’s sprawling Great Wall? Or maybe the skyscrapers of New York and Dubai? The truth is, no human feat of construction can compare to the sheer size and majesty of the Great Barrier Reef—spanning more than 1,400 miles off the coast of Australia and home to countless unique species of aquatic life.

Narrated by acclaimed Australian actor Eric Bana, “Great Barrier Reef” lets us experience the awe of this natural cityscape and introduces us to the visionaries and “citizen scientists” who are helping us better understand and protect the reef. Grab your mask and snorkel and come on an unforgettable adventure with majestic manta rays and sea turtles, witness the birth of baby seahorses, participate in a coral watch expedition, and discover the exotic splendor of fluorescent corals at night as “Great Barrier Reef” captures the natural beauty and exquisite strangeness of this awesome, bizarre, and vibrant living world.

“Great Barrier Reef” follows underwater photographer and reef native Jemma Craig on an expedition to document some of the work being done by volunteers, researchers and citizen scientists along the reef.

“Great Barrier Reef” brings viewers to an eco-resort on Lady Elliot Island and the Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Center, and follows the cutting edge coral research being conducted at the Australian Institute for Marine Science.

A December Media film produced in association with Slattery Family Trust, Biopixel, Soundfirm, Film Victoria, and Screen Queensland and distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films.



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January 29-31  12, 2 & 4 p.m.


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Great Barrier Reef