Build It!

Engineering fun, one brick at a time! 

March 9-April 8

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Great Lakes Science Center’s “brickbuster” exhibition Build It! Engineering fun, one brick at a time -- presented by ArcelorMittal -- is back by popular demand for a limited run this spring!

Inspired by the endless possibilities of LEGO’s multi-colored bricks, Build It! delighted Science Center guests of all ages last summer, and now it’s back for an encore engagement from March 9 through April 8.

The open play aspect of the interactive LEGO building stations enable guests to build their own unique experience each time they visit. Many of the original exhibition’s hands-on building stations that were developed and built in-house by the Science Center will be returning.

Guests can challenge their friends and family members to a race at the Brickyard Raceway. Design, build and race your best LEGO car down the track, if it’s not “up to speed,” take it apart and build it again! Use an iPad and animation software to make your own stop-motion animated LEGO video, try to build an object without using your sense of sight at the Blind Build challenge, and see how your creativity is affected by building with bricks that are all the same color at the Black Out Build.

Build in only two dimensions at the Mosaic Masterpiece station, or in an inverted setting at the Brick Wall. Younger builders will enjoy the toddler play area, and all of the returning favorites will be joined by a new Build a City activity where guests can use their imagination to add a building, car, or house to “Brick City” and watch the cityscape grow. An exhibit of historic LEGO train sets will be on display as well. 

Throughout its initial run, Build It! tapped into the playful and creative spirit that is inherent in every builder who ever opened up a LEGO kit and saw the potential to make something their own. Don’t miss the chance to build your own memories and wild creations when Build It! Engineering fun, one brick at a time returns!

Build It! is included with the price of general admission!