Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

Opens Friday, October 12!

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How many times a day do you hear your kids say "Ewww, gross!"? Whether it's boogers, burps, passed gas or stinky feet, kids are fascinated by everything grown-ups find disgusting, and that's exactly what we celebrate in our newest special exhibition! Welcome to the wonderful world of Grossology, where science comes alive and kids finally get the answers to many of the slimy, oozy, crusty, stinky questions they absolutely love to ask about the human body!

Kids, along with intrigued adults (you know you want to!), will have the opportunity to become a dust particle and walk through a giant nose to learn about air filtering, olfaction and mucus production, climb a human skin wall complete with warts, hairs and wounds to learn about the epidermis layer, and watch how food is digested as it passes through the gastrointestinal system! Not gross enough yet? You can also help a larger-than-life cartoon character release a giant burp to find out why soda pop causes stomach pressure! Or, be a surgeon-for-a-day and attempt to remove organ parts from a body without touching the sides of the patient. Oh, and don't forget to visit the Vomit Center (you read that correctly) to explore the many reasons people throw up!

The special exhibition arrives at the Science Center on Friday October 12 and runs through January 6, 2019! Grossology is included with general admission. Check out the full list of hands-on, fantastically gross, exhibits here:


Nigel Nose-It-All

Guests can activate this animatronic exhibit by pressing one of five buttons to learn about how their nose functions including allergies, sinuses, snot trivia, runny noses and more. In addition, microscopes at the exhibits base feature slides of things that cause runny noses. The animatronic figure (over 9-feet tall) moves its head, arms, eyelids, handle and a special snot ball drops out of his faucet nose at various times during his presentation!

Tour du Nose

Enter a giant cartoon nose and explore 10 very realistic nasal features:  nose hair; conchae:  the opening to the front of the sinuses; the septum; the eustachian tubes; mucus production; a view down the throat; tear ducts; the olfactory epithelium and blood vessels.  As people enter and walk to the back of the nose the nose awakens and lets out a loud “sneeeeze”, which triggers a rush of air through the nose! 

Skin Climbing Wall

This large-scale fiberglass replica of human skin features pimples, warts, wounds, hair, moles and other skin blemishes. Guests will discover many features of the skin as they climb across this 12-foot wall!

Burp Man

A larger than life cartoon character drinks from a three-foot pop can pumped by visitors. The stomach pressure increases until the character releases a giant burp, while a second interactive exhibit shows how the sphincter works.

Gas Attack!

Everyone loves to play pinball - Two custom pinball games are positioned in front of an animated pig sitting atop a pile of poo. The games are customized to teach children which foods create more gas in their bodies. The animated pig says funny quips at the start and end of each game.

GI Slide

This exhibit is for our youngest scientists who slide and crawl through its giant 3-D model (over 30 feet long!) of the digestive system from mouth to large intestine. 

Patients Please!

Guests can learn their body parts in this activity styled ala the old famous game “Operation”. Can you remove body parts from the game table without touching the sides of the patient? 

Click Ick

Play Grossology at one of two computer stations.  Each computer has a character face positioned around its monitor.

Listen to Your Body

Listen to various sounds the body makes such as stomach gurgles, air movement in the lungs, heart beating and gulping in the throat by pressing buttons on a cartoon body.

Look Inside

Learn how food is digested as it passes through the gastrointestinal system by watching an X-ray machine.

Up Your Nose

Learn how boogers form in your nose by launching pollen balls at an oversized nose. But be careful! Shooting too many pollen balls into the nose causes the nose to sneeze and shoot back the balls at the visitor!

Urine: The Game

Act as a kidney by using a virtual reality glove and blue-screen technology to grab waste elements and remove them from the blood stream!

Vomit Center

A Rube Goldbergesque structure of the digestive system explores the many causes of vomiting.

Y U Stink

Match the body odors with the area of the body they come from:  arm pits, lower intestines, mouth & feet. It's simple: you smell, select your answer, then a red or green light glows from under the bacteria model to identify if you have answered correctly or not!


Toot Toot

Visitors use rubber tubing and air to learn about the physics of tooting.

Let's Play Grossology!

How much do you know about the gross things your body does?  This multiple choice trivia game tests what people have learned from visiting the exhibition.



Grossology is based on a book of the same name by Sylvia Branzei and was developed in conjunction with the author by Science World and Advanced Exhibits. As a teacher, writer, curriculum designer and microbiologist, Branzei explains the concept of Grossology as a learning tool. "This is science in disguise," said Branzei. "If we teach students in their own words, they'll understand better."