CLEVELAND (April 28, 2016) – Get up, get moving and get the scoop on the science of sports when Great Lakes Science Center opens its newest special exhibition – Sports Arena!

Sixteen interactive stations go beyond the typical "hands on" with balance beams, treadmills, sprint tracks and more in this special exhibition opening Saturday, May 28! Sports Arena is free with regular paid admission to the Science Center and runs through September 5.

From gymnastics to rowing, walking to running, there's something for guests of all ages and physical abilities. Guests can race an image of a dinosaur down a sprint track, test their balance on a competition sized balance beam, step up to the pitcher's mound and even play against the pros in the "green screen games."

While exploring the different interactive stations guests will learn the science behind what makes the human body perform the way it does, as well as best practices and other ways to help their body achieve better results!

Sports Arena highlights include:

Balance Timer

Did you know that your sense of sight, nerve impulses from the semi-circular canals of your inner ear and sensation from muscles, tendons and joints all play a part in maintaining balance? Put them all to the test and see how long you can balance on an electronic teeter board!

Body Tables

Give your body a little rest while exploring these seven tables that depict different systems of the human body. Explore muscles, tendons, joints, bones and more!

Land Like a Cat

For gymnasts and high jumpers, the landing is a major component of the competition. Spreading the force of impact can save athletes from serious injury and months of recovery. Test your landing and find out how much force you carry with you – and ways to decrease your chances of injury.

Little Fit and Fun

This section of Sports Arena was designed specifically for younger visitors! Equipment, costumes and other apparatus are smaller and designed with safety in mind for young athletes.


Test your rowing skills in this fast-paced race! When the buzzer goes off, begin rowing and check the screen to see how many boat lengths you are ahead . . . or behind!

See Yourself Walk

Did you know that crawling as a baby helps you walk today? A lot of fancy footwork is involved in something many of us take for granted daily. Step onto a treadmill to see what’s required to get one foot in front of the other from all angles!

Ten Meter Run

The ten meter dash may not sound like much, but gaining that much momentum in such a short amount of time can be tricky! Run on your own, with a friend or against images of Jackie Joyner Kersey (U.S. Olympic runner), a cheetah or a dinosaur!

You Be the Judge

You know what it takes to be an athlete, but what’s involved in becoming a judge? Check out some freeze frame replays of athletic performances and discover how difficult it can be to judge Olympic events!

Sports Arena was designed and fabricated by the Ontario Science Centre. Sports Arena is owned by the Saint Louis Science Center. About Great Lakes Science Center

Great Lakes Science Center, home of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, makes science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) come alive for more than 300,000 visitors a year through hundreds of hands-on exhibits, traveling exhibitions, OMNIMAX® Theater, Steamship William G. Mather, daily science demonstrations, seasonal camps, family workshops and more. We know the value of using real scientific challenges to encourage curiosity and experimentation. And we remain committed to developing the collaborations and community partnerships needed to stimulate innovation, improve STEM education, and cultivate the creative, critical thinkers who will shape the future of Northeast Ohio. Discounted parking is available for guests in the attached 500-car garage. Great Lakes Science Center is generously funded by the citizens of Cuyahoga County through Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. Visit for more information.