Welcome to Camp Curiosity for kids in grades K-8!

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way right off the bat. No, your kindergartner is not going to be in a camp with eighth graders for a week! Camp Curiosity groups kids into age-appropriate camp sessions, with curriculum-based STEM materials led by licensed teachers for each group. Camp challenges and science principles are scaled up or down for each age group within each theme. This flexibility allows each one of our new themes to be adaptable to a wider age range.

For example, in Agents of STEM: Crack the Code, campers engage their mind and body while exploring circuitry and secret messages. Older kids enrolled in this camp will design and create a robotic obstacle course and their own pinhole camera. Younger kids will learn about Morse code and navigate robotic obstacle courses.

As your child transitions between grade levels over the summer, our camps will build their confidence and help them grow. They will have opportunities to build relationships with peers and teachers, and collaborate with others during pre-camp activities and team building exercises.

Whether your child is a kindergartner fascinated by rockets, or a pre-teen who follows NASA on social media our Race to Space camps are suited for each of them. The same goes for all of our camps, from gamers to makers and superheroes to thrill ride fanatics.

Take the next step and check out the eight exciting camps below, including a special NEW girls-only Race to Space camp!


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2020 Summer Camps by Theme

Girls Only: Race to Space / Rockets to Rovers

Girls Only: Race to Space / Rockets to Rovers