At Great Lakes Science Center, there are plenty of interactive exhibits to prompt exploration and get kids excited about putting their screens down for a little while. A scavenger hunt is a fun way to make any outing a little more engaging. Especially for kids whose attention may tend to wander. There doesn’t even need to be a prize, kids are often motivated enough just by having a mission (although we recommend frozen yogurt from the new robotic Reis & Irvy’s machine in our café!).

This summer, we have 10 great scavenger hunt locations to search for during your visit, and you can definitely click around on for some more inspiration to personalize your hunt by adding a few of your own. Plan your visit and then let the hunt begin!

Download Scavenger Hunt 


1. See if you can find the photo of the astronaut who was born in Bedford Heights.


2. A geode is a hollow rock inside of which minerals or crystals have formed. Did you know the Science Center has a fairly large geode on exhibit? See if you can find it! Here’s a hint, it’s big and the crystals are purple!


3. This one is time sensitive so you better hurry and visit this summer! In our special exhibition Vroom! A Car Adventure (open through Labor Day, 2019), there is a license plate rubbing station. See if you can find it and make a souvenir to take home!


4. A theremin is an early electronic musical instrument that was invented in the 1920s. Did you know the Science Center has one on exhibit? See if you can find it and make it hum!


5. The giant wind turbine out on the Science Center’s front lawn is pretty easy to see. Can you find the model of a wind turbine we have inside the museum though?


6. NASA Glenn’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky helped test the landing system for the Mars Pathfinder. The Science Center has some of the test airbags on display, can you spot them? Here’s a hint, look up!


7. One of the exhibits in the Science Center has an example of functional electrical stimulation. What is the name of the mannequin in the exhibit?


8. Can you find an exhibit that has a calculator attached to it?


9. Everyone loves to make things out of duct tape! One of our activity stations is loaded with duct tape and has instructions on how to use it to make a hat or a shoe. See if you can find this station and make a creative hat to take home.


10. Many scientific innovations are inspired by the natural world. See if you can find the exhibit that explains how animals like butterflies and geckos have inspired advancements in technology.


How did you do? If you need a little help or want to check your answers, the Museum's box office has the answer key. There is so much to see and do at the Great Lakes Science Center, but don't take our word for it. Check out what our guests have shared from their visit at the Science Center.