Free Science Demonstations for all grade levels

Bubblemania (recommended for Pre-K-2)

Bubbles come alive while students investigate molecules, shapes, colors, and recycling!

It's Electric

What is electricity? How do we get and use it? This shockingly fun demonstration activates historically significant equipment to illustrate the amazing effects of electrical energy transfer and transformation that is sure to spark curiosity.

Energize It

Thermal, chemical, potential, kinetic, oh my! Energy is all around us as we investigate how energy can transform in a variety of ways, sometimes with explosive results!

Magic of Matter

What's the matter with matter? We de-mystify the mystery of matter while exploring and experimenting with physical changes. We'll uncover the truth behind why some materials behave in unexpected ways.

Seeing Sound

This show gets the audience and room shaking and grooving! Explore vibrations and the ways we can make sounds, and use our sense to hear, feel, and even see sound!

Force and Motion

We know if we want to get an object in motion, we need to apply a force. Watch in amazement while objects launch through the room and explore how forces affect an object's motion.