Hands-On Workshops

$5 per student. (20 minimum/30 maximum students). Additional sessions will be scheduled for groups larger than 30. Duration: approximately 60 minutes.

Engineering Challenges: Parachutes
Combine forces of lift, drag and gravity with materials and design elements to create parachutes. Students test their designs by dropping a parachute 80 feet! Can they do it without cracking the raw egg payload? PHY; SL; RST; WHST

Operation Heart Dissection
Students will get a tour of the body's pump during a guided dissection of a pig heart. They will cut into the heart to reveal the four chambers, peer into the aorta and inspect bloods vessels up close. They will see how cardiac surgeons operate on this essential organ with expertise and care with a narrated, recorded surgical procedure. (Must be reserved at least four weeks in advance.) An additional $2 per student materials fee will be applied to this workshop. BIO; SL; RST; WHST

NEW! Cryptography Challenge
Students get hands-on to learn how the evolution of technology is carving a more secure digital landscape. We explore how coding and cryptography contributed to the invention of Blockchain and how this technology secures our digital assets leading to safer transactions and social equality. Government and the Economy.23.24; Economic Decision Making and Skills.2; Fundamentals of Economics.4; Global Connections.2; Technology.14.15; The Global Economy.19.21

Career Days for Grades 6-12
Programs are free for students with paid general admission. Advance reservations are required. Availability is limited.

Health Careers Day - November 14, 2019
Meet local professionals and higher education representatives to explore a variety of biomedical education programs and diverse career options in health and medicine.

Engineering Careers Day - February 20, 2020
Celebrate the National Week of Engineering and find out what engineers do! Discover the wide variety of career paths in the many fields of engineering.