Now offering outreach to your school!

In-Classroom Workshops

Our new outreach workshops bring the fun and energy of the Science Center directly to your students, and include integrated professional development for you. Programs are developed for a classroom of up to 30 students.

Pre-K - Kindergarten

$135 | Duration: 30 minutes

Weather Watchers
What do we see and feel during different seasons? What change can happen within a season? What is the water cycle? Study the "ingredients" of weather and how they affect each other.

Sticky Science
How and why do things stick? How does a gecko climb a wall? Why does a sticker stick in a book? How can we un-stick something? Learn how scientists work to get the right level of stickiness!

Grades 1-8

$175 | Duration: 60 minutes

Weather Alert
What "ingredients" are needed for wild weather? What parts are dangerous and how can we be safe? Watch us recreate components of weather inside the classroom.

Blast Off!
What do we need to launch a rocket into space? Why is the launch angle important? Construct and test various types of rockets and launch systems. Explore some of the problems that NASA engineers might face.

Motion Mania
Create a coaster! How do we start the movement, slow it down or speed it up? Observe how energy transfers between objects. What are some problems that engineers face when creating coasters that people can ride?

We bring the "wow" to your STEM night!

$150/per hour

Let us provide a fun, hands-on STEM learning table activity for your family night. Students and their families will be able to engage with one of our pre-determined activities. Choose from subjects such as electricity, sound, space and others!

Up to 40 miles from Great Lakes Science Center is included in the program fee. A mileage fee of $2/per mile will be charged for mileage beyond the initial 40 miles. The maximum distance we can serve is 120 miles from the Science Center.