This spring break, get down to the Science Center for Camp Curiosity: Spring Break Camp! Campers can experience hands-on robotics workshops, learn about engineering through Minecraft, get creative with spy science, and more! Spring Break Camps run from March 28-April 1 and April 18-22.

Explore new, standalone themes each day, or join us all week to experience them all! Camps are $59 per day ($50 for members).

Discounts include:

Member Discount: $9.00

Sibling Discount: $5.00

Theme: Allies
Grades: K – 3
Dates: March 28, 2022— April 1, 2022 

This week is all about empathy, compassion and kindness. How do our differences make us special? What can we learn from each other by working together? Get ready for plenty of hands-on robotics workshops, dynamic design challenges, exciting maker activities, and real-world problem-solving as we explore strategies for navigating tough emotions, communicating diverse ideas, and supporting each other. Campers will also take home a copy of the “Little Allies” book and some exciting "My Ally Promise" swag! 

Monday: Celebrating Our Differences
How are you similar to or different from someone else? How can we celebrate our differences to help make an impact? We'll read “Little Allies” together as a class before diving into a series of hands-on maker and robotics challenges to learn about accepting other people and ideas. Register here.

Tuesday: Engineering Solutions
Put your engineering skills to the test! Formulate solutions to real-world problems and explore how to communicate them effectively. How can you build a playground useable by all ages and abilities? What tools might you use to clean pollution from the environment? Tackle these challenges and more! Register here.

Wednesday: Innovating for Tomorrow
Time to get creative! Learn how brilliant inventors throughout history like Lonnie Johnson and Cleveland's very own Garrett Morgan used their imaginations and science skills to solve real-world problems. Then use the engineering design process to create an invention of your very own! Register here.

Thursday: Out of This World
Ready for liftoff? Learn from the stories of former real-life astronauts Guy Bluford, Mae Jemison and others as we explore the feats of teamwork and engineering that make space travel possible. Then discover where we've been, how we got there, and where we'll go next! Register here.

Friday: Community Helpers
Learn how to leverage science, technology, engineering and math to make a difference in the world—starting with your very own community! Create blankets to donate to local animal shelters, design blueprints for a green city, invent new ways to recycle plastic bags, and so much more in this brand new camp. How will you be a community helper? Register here.

Theme: Minecraft
Grades: 4–8
Dates: March 28, 2022— April 1, 2020  

Collaborate to build a unique Minecraft village based on real-world research, experiments and activities! Each day offers a host of new hands-on challenges, followed by time working in Minecraft: Education Edition to bring your shared vision to life. Learn about biomes, material science, civil engineering, circuitry and more. Join us all week for the full experience, or just pop in for a day or two!

Monday: Biome Basics
Explore the geography, climate characteristics, plants, and animals that make different biomes unique to determine where the class Minecraft village should be built. Weigh the pros and cons of each biome before voting on your favorite. Then work together as a class to build your village and brainstorm solutions to challenges its biome might present. Register here.

Tuesday: Block Science
Today is all about engineering! Should you build a skyscraper from diamond blocks? Experiment with different building materials to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Then decide as a class which materials you'll use to construct your Minecraft village, gather resources, and set up storage for future use. Register here.

Wednesday: Civil Engineers
Explore drafting, blueprinting and civil engineering as you lay out a plan for your Minecraft village. How will you ensure its buildings, roads and recreational features are accessible to everyone? Work together to design small sections of the village, then put them together into a final grand plan. Register here.

Thursday: Redstone Machines
Build basic circuits and explore the important roles machines and electricity play in everyday life. Then apply what you’ve learned to Minecraft by integrating complex redstone machines into the shared class village. What's the craziest contraption you can make? Register here.

Friday: Sustainable Systems
Our resources are often limited. How could you re-engineer the class Minecraft village or various real-world systems to make them more sustainable? Investigate how to implement these changes responsibly while respecting the environment and each other. Then look toward the future of the class village to plan out its expansion in a sustainable way. Register here.

Theme: Sphero
Grades: K–3
Dates: April 18, 2022–April 22, 2022 

Experience the power of programming! Get hands-on with technology as you tinker with BOLT, the most advanced coding robot ball Sphero has to offer. Packed with programmable sensors and customizable LED matrices, the possibilities are endless. Campers will have some opportunity to choose between different activity options. Explore new, standalone themes each day or join us all week to experience them all! 
Based on content from Computer Science Foundations curriculum by Sphero.

Monday: SmArt Bots
Engineer an art bot to bring your creativity to life! Tinker with sensors to create patterns using color, sound and motion. Campers can choose from a variety of activities including choreographing a robotic dance, programming a light show, coding a Sphero spirograph and more! Register here.

Tuesday: Connecting the Dots
Get hands-on with geometry, distance and time! Program Sphero to navigate mathematical challenges, program explore cause-and-effect patterns, and collaborate in small groups to tackle competitions while learning about variables and algorithms. Will your team be the new Sphero champions? Register here.

Wednesday: BioRobotics
Explore the amazing ways nature inspires world-changing innovation every day! Work in groups to explore biological patterns and discover the field of biorobotics. Then, practice a little bioengineering of your own as we program Sphero robots to mimic different animals and insects. Register here.

Thursday: Coding Cooperative
How can robots help us relate to each other? Today, we'll use Sphero robots to explore empathy through gameplay, storytelling and programming. Campers may choose to create their own emojis, practice active listening to complete a collaborative coding challenge, or program a robot's responses to variables like movement, light and sound. Register here.

Friday: Game Day 
Dive into game design using programmable Sphero robots! Discover sensors, variables and functions as you tackle gamified challenges and learn to navigate physical and digital obstacles. Then, invent your own rules, gameplay and winning conditions to develop—and play!—your own perfect game. Register here.

Theme: Spy Science
Grades: 4–8
Dates: April 18, 2022–April 22, 2022 

Put your science sleuthing to the test! Join us for a new, spy-themed challenge each day as we use technology, engineering, art, math and more to crack codes and uncover clues behind the scenes at the Science Center. Each day introduces a new mini-mystery and special spy skillset. Join us all week to unlock them all, or tune in to Friday's exciting livestream for a big reveal! 

Monday: Science Sleuths
Discover the many marvelous ways science can help us solve mysteries! Uncover secret messages, explore electricity, and get hands-on with chemistry as we learn about endo- and exothermic reactions. Register here.

Tuesday: Technology Decoded
Technology is the key to unlock today's mini-mystery. Learn to debug HTML, "program" a friend, and explore how 3-D printers work as we dive into the world of coding! Register here.

Wednesday: Engineering Mystery
Learn how engineering can help you be a better spy. Build your way out of a tight spot using super-secret materials, reverse engineer real machines to investigate what makes them tick, and get hands-on with blueprints to solve today's mystery. Register here.

Thursday: Elusive Illusions
Investigate illusions, sculpt with shadows, and experiment with color to solve today's elusive clues. Along the way, learn why art and creativity are important components in your essential spy toolkit. Register here.

Friday: You Do the Math
Get ready for our big finale! Learn how math can help us crack codes and decipher riddles. Solve encryption puzzles and follow a treasure map's clues to help us end the week with a BANG! (Can't join us in person? No sweat! Our big reveal will also be available for live streaming online. Join us to discover how each day's mini-mystery helped crack the case!) Register here.