September is Flight and Aeronautics Month
All activities are included with general admission unless otherwise noted.

Force and Motion Big Science Show
Wednesday-Friday: 1 p.m.
Saturday: 11:30 a.m.
Sunday: 12:30 p.m.

Forces are with us as we explore Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion using a fire tornado, a liquid nitrogen engine, and a gravity-defying grand finale!

Family Dissection Workshop: Owl Pellets ($10 per person, $8 members)
Saturday - Sunday: 1 p.m.

Dissect an owl pellet with plastic tweezers. Then compare your findings with our identification charts to learn what was in that owl's diet! Advanced registration is recommended. Register here.

Family Design Challenge Workshop: Gliders ($10 per person, $8 members)
Saturday - Sunday: 3 p.m.

Can you manipulate the forces of flight to create an object that glides smoothly? Join us to learn about the principles of aerodynamics and engineer a glider that can defy gravity. Advanced registration is recommended. Register here.

STEM Storytime & Lab: Flight
Wednesday: 11 a.m.
Perfect for little scientists, join our STEM staff for a special story and hands-on activity!


Science Under the Sun
All Day, Daily

Join us in September for some high-flying fun with the following activities:

Paper Rockets
Channel your inner rocket scientist and craft a paper rocket. Then use our air-powered launchers to send your design soaring up to 70 feet high! 3…2…1… LIFTOFF!

Paper Helicopters
Design and build a spinning helicopter to test on our wind tables. Can you achieve stable flight? How high does your aircraft hover? Make some adjustments and keep experimenting!

Paper Planes
Engineer a paper airplane and compare the aerodynamics of "darts" versus “gliders." Which design flies fastest? Which flies farthest? Use our targets to test your accuracy—or better yet, challenge a friend!