Great Lakes Science Center is currently closed to the public in accordance with the order from state health officials restricting large gatherings. More information can be found in the Guest Health and Safety update.  Body Worlds Rx will be open when the Science Center re-opens to the public.

BODY WORLDS Rx offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore the amazing biology and physiology of human health and the dramatic effects of disease. From organs to muscles to the nervous system and to skeletal structures, BODY WORLDS Rx gives unprecedented look inside the most sophisticated mechanism in the world, the human body.

The specimens on display show impressive comparisons and contrasts between healthy bodies and organs and those stricken with disease. Particular emphasis is put on some of the most common ailments such as back pain, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases like arteriosclerosis and heart infarctions, dementia, and more.

It's up to families to make the decision about whether they feel it's appropriate for their children to visit BODY WORLDS Rx. To help with the decision, a family and educator guide can be found here. It gives an overview of what to expect in the exhibition, encourages discussion and provides conversation starting questions. 

BODY WOLRDS Rx is included with general admission. 

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