Come one, come all!


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up for a special exhibition like no other, featuring amazing feats of science!

Have you ever been in awe while watching a balancing act? Or, frustrated after trying to win a prize at a midway game? All the sights and sounds of the carnival, from the spectacles to the midway games, are based on SCIENCE! We’re combining the excitement and vibrancy of a classic carnival atmosphere with fun and engaging STEM principles to bring families an entirely NEW experience - Curiosity Carnival!

Best of all, Curiosity Carnival is included with general admission! 

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Don't miss...

  • At Winging It, design and fold paper airplanes, then use electric launchers to test them out at two large-scale, gamified galleries!
  • Arrange fabric and props at a Colossal Kaleidoscope to explore how math and mirrors work together to create spectacular patterns.
  • "Juggle” the forces of physics at our Giant Mobile and create a unique, suspended sculpture.
  • Use physics and symmetry to successfully navigate a tabletop High Wire Challenge and discover how tightrope walkers keep their balance.
  • At Clowning Around, style a lion’s mane or a clown’s wig using magnets and iron filings.
  • Get creative with light and color at the Luminous Lite Brite.
  • Challenge your brain with a series of optical illusions, and uncover the science behind why we don’t always immediately see things for what they are.
  • Take a spin in our Topsy Turvy Chairs and learn how they use weight and gravity to stay upright.
  • Practice your balancing act by finding and lowering your center of gravity on a Rolla Bolla board.
  • On the Midway, learn the secrets to winning common carnival games using STEM-rooted strategies and physics!
  • Enjoy performances and demonstrations offering a sneak-peek at the science behind popular carnival acts