Early Childhood Workshops 2017/2018

Recommended ages 7 and younger accompanied by an adult.

Jumpstart your young scientist's education! The Science Center's early childhood workshops are free with paid admission and encourage pre-kindergarten children and their favorite adult to explore the world of engineering with the help of The Boston Children's Museum's: Tinker Kit resource. Drop in on the first Saturday of the month between 10:30am and noon, or the second Friday of the month between 1:30pm-3:00pm and enjoy 30 minutes of age-appropriate tinkering activities. Workshops can be messy, so please dress appropriately.

Tinker Kit, Copyright Boston Children’s Museum 2016, reprinted with permission for non-commercial, educational use.


Saturday 10/7/2017 or Friday 10/13/2017: Keep It Together
Experiment with the many different ways you can keep things together. What objects help us to keep things together? What is the best object to use with different materials? Make a take-home project that will "stick" in your memories forever!


Saturday 11/4/2017 or Friday 11/10/2017: Take Things Apart
Have you ever looked at a machine and wondered, "How does that thing work?" Let's find out! Practice safely taking things apart and discovering what makes things tick.


Saturday 12/2/2017 or Friday 12/8/2017: Move It
How many different ways can you make an object move? Using power from air, gravity and machines, discover the three laws of motion and create a take-home project that will keep you moving!


Saturday 1/6/2018 or Friday 1/12/2018: Make a Mark
Engineers have to make their marks carefully! Practice fine motor skills and the best way to make marks in different materials.


Saturday 2/3/2018 or Friday 2/9/2018: Mix It Up
Mix, measure and make a mess! Creative thinking is the cornerstone of engineering. In this workshop, your youngest engineers will be able to openly explore with different materials.


Saturday 3/3/2018 or Friday 3/9/2018: Build-A-Bridge: Engineering Challenge
Use recycled materials to design and build a bridge, then test it to see if it can hold a penny, a block, or even a rock!


Saturday 4/7/2018 or Friday 4/13/2018: Cardboard City
Using only cardboard and tape, can you build a house, stadium, or skyscraper? Let's build a community while discussing the importance of recycling to our environment.


Saturday 5/5/2018 or Friday 5/11/2018: Funstruction
Using what you have learned about tinkering, making and engineering, openly explore with different materials and see who can build the tallest structure!