Grade 6 - "Our Great Lakes"

We’ll be exploring Cleveland’s unique status as a lakefront city by investigating the structure and function of ecosystems, learning the aquaculture of Lake Erie, researching current environmental challenges to our water quality and more! Scholars will be able to:

  • Make it Happen: create a living biome, build an underwater robot and plant an urban garden: all with the goal of building a model city by the lake!
  • Meet the Experts: talk and work with local scientists, city officials and STEM professionals whose jobs revolve around Lake Erie!
  • Discover the Places Where Science Comes Alive: take field trips to sites such as the Watershed Stewardship Center, U.S. Coast Guard Station, and Old Woman Creek, plus we're going to Edgewater Park to do a community beach cleanup project!

Register today!   Sessions begin October 7.