Spring Home-School Programs 2017/2018


Members - $40 per student

Non-Members - $60 per student

Price reflects the workshop only and does not include general admission into the Science Center.


All workshops are available for students aged 8-15

For students 7 and under, please check out our Early Childhood Workshops.


Check out our new structure based on Project Based Learning!

(Prices listed include all 4 months of integrated sessions, 1 session a month)

Please choose either Thursdays or Fridays when registering.


All workshops run 1:30-3:30pm.


Cracking the Code

All students will be working in pairs or small groups throughout all 4 sessions.

Students will create and problem solve their way through a series of fun, hands-on projects. Delve into Cryptography and learn why secret codes were so important from ancient times through today. Discover how a padlock works and make a working one from simple materials! Learn to code Makey-Makey’s and Arduino’s to communicate with light & sound. Then put your newfound skills to the test using what you built and design a puzzling challenge for your classmates to complete!


Thursday 2/22/2018 or Friday 2/23/2018– Cryptography – Codes & Ciphers

Thursday 3/22/2018 or Friday 3/23/2018 – Manufacture a Lock & Key

Thursday 4/26/2018 or Friday 4/26/2018 – Makey-Makey Morse Codes & Arduino Alarms

Thursday 5/17/2018 or Friday 5/18/2018 – Design your challenge. Solve the others!


Ohio Standards covered in all of these workshops:

Common Core Math                                          Ohio’s New Learning Standards in Science – Cognitive Demands

Fractions                                                             Designing Technological/ Engineering Solutions Using Science Concepts

Measurement & Data                                        Interpreting and Communicating Science Concepts




Participation Certificates will be sent out at the end of the season.

Looking to do a dissection or other school workshop? A group of 10 or more can book any of the educational experiences offered in our 2017-2018 Educator Guide.

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