Free Science Demonstrations

Available by request with paid general admission. Duration: 30 minutes. Capacity: 100 unless otherwise specified.

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Energize It!
Thermal, chemical, potential, kinetic - energy is all around us in different forms. We investigate how energy can transform in a variety of ways, sometimes with explosive results! PS3; PS4, PS5

Out of this World
Forces are everywhere! Explore how forces such as gravity and friction affect humans, Earth and the International Space Station. Capacity: 40 per session. PS4, PS5

What's the Matter?
What's the matter with matter? De-mystify simple physical changes and explore solids, liquids and gases. ESS1; ESS2

Under Pressure
Investigate the air around us and discover its properties through a can-crushing experience! PS3

It's Electric
Where does electricity come from? Help activate a few historically important devices that illustrate some pretty shocking ideas, and watch as our staff educators crackle with energy! PS3; PS4; PS5

Hands-On Workshops

$100 per class (up to 30 students). Additional sessions will be scheduled for groups larger than 30. Duration: 30 minutes.

Countdown to Launch
Do you have what it takes to explore space? Experiment with chemical reactions and the physics of flight as you explore the science behind space exploration.PS3; PS4; PS5; M3; M4; M5; W3; W4; W5; SL3; SL4; SL5; L3; L4; L5

Jumping Jitterbugs
See how circuits and electricity work together while designing and creating your own Jumping Jitterbug. PS3; PS4; PS5; SL3; SL4; SL5; L3; L4; L5

Alternative Energy: Wind Power
Explore renewable and non-renewable energy sources and apply the scientific process as you work in a team to design, build and test a wind turbine. PS3; PS4; PS5; M3; M4; M5; W3; W4; W5; SL3; SL4; SL5; L3; L4; L5

Engineering Challenge: Trampoline Rescue 
Mission Students use the engineering and design process to construct a mini trampoline and work in small groups to complete an assigned rescue mission. PS3; PS4; PS5; M3; M4; M5; SL3; SL4; SL5; L3; L4; L5