Free Science Demonstrations

Available by request with paid general admission. Duration: 30 minutes. Capacity: 100 unless otherwise specified.

Bubbles come alive as students investigate molecules, shapes, colors and recycling! PSK

Sounds like Science
Have fun exploring the amazing world of sound. PSK 

It Really Is Rocket Science
What makes a rocket blast off into space? Students become rocket scientists as they explore the force behind rockets. PSK; ESSK

Hands-On Workshops

$75 per class (up to 30 students). Additional sessions will be scheduled for groups larger than 30. Duration: 30 minutes.

Sound Sleuths
Can we see sound? Use your senses to explore vibrations that allow us to hear, feel and even see sound. This workshop promotes science and literacy. PSK

Rain, Rain Come Out and Play
Students will learn what makes thunder and lightning, and that they aren't so scary! PSK;ESSK; RLK; SLK; LK

Engineering Challenge: The Three Little Pigs
Students will become engineers and perform hands-on experiments exploring which materials can withstand the big, bad wolf. This workshop promotes science and literacy. PSK; MK; RLK; SLK; LK