Special Screening: Hidden Figures

Book one of the following daytime showings of Hidden Figures to make your trip even more memorable! Tickets ar $7 per student, free for chaperones at a 1:7 adult:student ratio. Additional adult tickets can be purchased at $7 a ticket. General admission tickets are also available for the public during these shows. To reserve tickets for one of these special screenings, please call 216-621-2400.

Wednesday, May 3 at 10 a.m.
Tuesday, May 9 at 10 a.m.
Tuesday, May 16 at 10 a.m.

Free Science Demonstrations

Available by request with paid general admission. Duration: 30 minutes. Capacity: 100 unless otherwise specified. 

Pre-Register today! Fill out this form, call 216-621-2400 or e-mail edhelp@glsc.org and get one step closer to planning a field trip your students will never forget!

Energize It!
Thermal, chemical, potential, kinetic - energy is all around us in different forms. We investigate how energy can transform in a variety of ways, sometimes with explosive results! PS6; PS7, PS8

Force Be With You
Different forces affect objects in different ways. Explore how forces change an object's speed and/or direction. PS6; PS7; PS8

It's Electric
Where does electricity come from? Help activate a few historically important devices that illustrate some pretty shocking ideas, and watch as our staff educators crackle with energy! PS6; PS7; PS8

Go for Launch
See dramatic displays of chemistry and physics principles in action. From simple pressure rockets that show basic thrust, to actual fuel-burning boosters. Things will go up and come back down with a flash and a bang! PS6; PS7; PS8

Math in Motion: Angry Avian
Watch in amazement as we launch objects through the room and explore how forces affect an object’s motion. PS6; PS7; PS8

Hands-On Workshops

$120 per class (up to 30 students). Additional sessions will be scheduled for groups larger than 30. Duration: 45-60 minutes.

It Really IS Rocket Science
Do you have what it takes to explore space? Experiment with the laws of motion as you perform chemical reactions and propel objects across the room. PS6; PS7; PS8; M6; M7; M8; RST6; RST7; RST8; SL6; SL7; SL8

Engineering Challenges: Parachutes
Combine forces of lift, drag and gravity with materials and design elements to create parachutes. Test your design by dropping your parachute 80 feet. Can you do it without cracking the raw egg payload? PS6 ;PS8;M6; M7; M8; RST6; RST7; RST8; SL6; SL7; SL8; WHST6; WHST7; WHST8

Alternative Energy: Wind Power
Explore renewable and non-renewable energy sources and apply the scientific process as you work in a team to design, build and test a wind turbine.PS6; PS7; PS8; M6; M7; M8; RST6; RST7; RST8; SL6; SL7; SL8; WHST6; WHST7; WHST8

DNA Investigations Lab
Explore how traits express themselves and extract your own DNA. Discover careers in biomedical technologies that impact your life. LS6; LS8; RST6; RST7; RST8; SL6; SL7; SL8; WHST6; WHST7; WHST8

Career Days

Programs are free for students with paid general admission. Advance reservations are required. Call 216-621-2400 to register.