This holiday season, take a break from the gadgets and gifts and get down to the Science Center for some hands-on chemistry, engineering or LEGOs! Winter Break Camps run from December 20-23 and December 27-31, with camp themes to choose from including spy science, illusions, engineering mysteries and more!

Explore new, standalone themes each day, or join us all week to experience them all! Camps are $59 per day ($50 for members) and siblings receive a $5 discount. 

Theme: Spy Camp
Grades: K – 3
Dates: Monday, December 20, 2021 through Friday, December 23, 2021

Put your science sleuthing to the test! Join us for a new, spy-themed challenge each day as we use technology, engineering, art, math, and more to crack codes and uncover clues behind the scenes at the Science Center. Each day introduces a new mini-mystery and special skillset. Join us all week to unlock them all, or tune in to Friday's exciting livestream for a big reveal! 

Science Sleuths (Monday, December 20, 2021)
Discover the many marvelous ways science can help us solve mysteries! Uncover secret messages, explore electricity, and get hands-on with chemistry as we learn about endo- and exothermic reactions. Register here.

Technology Decoded (Tuesday, December 21, 2021)
Technology is the key to unlock today's mini-mystery. Learn to debug html, "program" a friend, and explore how 3-D printers work as we dive into the world of coding! Register here.

Engineering Mystery (Wednesday, December 22, 2021)
Learn how engineering can help you be a better spy. Build your way out of a tight spot using super-secret materials, reverse engineer real machines to investigate what makes them tick, and get hands-on with blueprints to solve today's mystery. Register here.

Elusive Illusions (Thursday, December 23, 2021)
Investigate illusions, sculpt with shadows, and experiment with color to solve today's elusive clues. Along the way, learn why art and creativity are important components in your essential spy toolkit. Register here.

Theme: Sphero
Grades: 4 – 8
Dates: Monday, December 20, 2021 through Friday, December 23, 2021

Experience the power of programming! Get hands-on with technology as you tinker with BOLT, the most advanced coding robot ball Sphero has to offer. With a striking 8x8 LED matrix and advanced sensors, the Sphero BOLT app-enabled robot provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning. Campers will have some opportunity to choose between different activity options. Explore new, standalone themes each day or join us all week to experience them all! Based on content from Computer Science Foundations curriculum by Sphero. Computer Science Foundations (CSF) is a standards-aligned, supplemental curriculum designed to be taught in the classroom alongside Sphero robots.

SmArt Bots (Monday, December 20, 2021)
Engineer an art bot to bring your creativity to life! Tinker with sensors to create patterns using color, sound, and motion. Campers can choose from a variety of activities including choreographing a robotic dance, programing a light show, coding a Sphero spirograph, and more! Register here.

Connecting the Dots (Tuesday, December 21, 2021)
Get hands-on with geometry, distance, and time! Program Spheros to navigate mathematical challenges, explore cause-and-effect patterns, and collaborate in small groups to tackle competitions while learning about variables and algorithms. Will your team be the new Sphero champions? Register here.

BioRobotics (Wednesday, December 22, 2021)
Explore the amazing ways nature inspires world-changing innovation every day! Work in groups to explore biological patterns and discover the field of biorobotics. Then, practice a little bioengineering of your own as we program Sphero robots to mimic different animals and insects. Register here.

Do Robots Dream? (Thursday, December 23, 2021)
How can robots help us relate to each other? Today, we'll use Spheros to explore empathy through gameplay, storytelling, and programming. Campers may choose to create their own emojis, practice active listening to complete a collaborative coding challenge, or program a robot's responses to variables like movement, light, and sound. Register here.

Theme: Building Masters
Grades: K – 3
Dates: Monday, December 27, 2021 through Friday, December 31, 2021

Attention all builders! Get creative with LEGO® bricks while exploring science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in three-dimensions. Experiment with color, patterns, geometry, and physics through dozens of play-based design challenges. Each day introduces a new set of themed activities that can stand alone or build off the rest... pun intended! Based on content from LEGO® Education.

Artists by Design (Monday, December 27, 2021)
Combine your eye for design and love of building to create your own LEGO® masterpieces! Craft colorful mosaics, customize minifigures, and explore patterns in three dimensions while expressing yourself using LEGO® bricks. Register here.

Brick Builders (Tuesday, December 28, 2021)
Calling all future architects! Discover how math and science can help us build stronger bridges and taller towers. Experiment with weight, height, geometry, and balance while engineering your own architectural marvels using LEGO® bricks! Register here.

Piece It Together (Wednesday, December 29, 2021)
Sometimes you have to break a problem down to build a new solution. Put your creative problem-solving skills to the test as you tackle a wide range of LEGO® engineering challenges! Register here.

Stop-Motion Studio (Thursday, December 30, 2021)
Make some LEGO® movie magic! Storyboard an original idea, build a set, create some props, and then film your very own stop-motion masterpiece! Register here.

Carnival Constructors (Friday, December 31, 2021)
Build your own LEGO® carnival! Learn how to engineer rides that can spin, rock, roll, and turn. Engineer a Ferris wheel or rollercoaster, design and play your own midway games, tackle mini challenges, and more! Register here.

Theme: Animal Inspiration
Grades: 4 – 8
Dates: Monday, December 27, 2021 through Friday, December 31, 2021

Calling all nature lovers! Join us this week to explore the amazing ways different insects and animals use math, engineering, and science to navigate our shared world. Learn how scientists borrow inspiration from nature while innovating, and even do some biomimetic engineering of your own!

Bugs by the Billions (Monday, December 27, 2021)
Why are insects important? From bees to beetles to butterflies and beyond, learn all about the incredible insects that share our world. Code a Sphero robot to act like an insect by using light, color, sound, and movement. Then, invent your own insect that mimics other animals' patterns and behaviors to help ward off predators. Register here.

Something’s Fishy… (Tuesday, December 28, 2021)
Dive into the wonderful world of water! Explore the ways fish support our complex ecosystem, from deep-sea dwellers to smaller fry in our own Lake Erie. Learn about water quality, observe a beta fish in action, design a puzzle for a mollusk, dissect a real squid, and more! Register here.

Free As a Bird! (Wednesday, December 29, 2021)
What can we learn from how birds have evolved and adapted to different environments? Experiment with bird calls, discover how a bird's bone structure and wing shape can help it take flight, and learn why birds oil their feathers. We'll also explore how birds have inspired human engineers! Register here.

Marsupials, Rodents, and Apes, Oh My! (Thursday, December 30, 2021)
If you discovered a brand new species, how could you identify it? What would you name it? Learn all about how biologists classify mammals, and explore how closely humans are related to different types of apes. Then decide if you're team cat or team dog, engineer a maze for a hamster, design a marsupial pouch, and more! Register here.

Wildlife Whodunit (Friday, December 31, 2021)
The animal kingdom needs your help! Use your science sleuthing skills to examine fur samples, identify droppings, analyze animal calls, and catch the culprit responsible for a super-secret mystery caper. Register here.