This holiday season, take a break from the gadgets and gifts and get down to the Science Center for some hands-on spacecraft engineering, Minecraft, robotics, and more! Camps run from December 19-23 and December 26-30.

Explore new, standalone themes each day, or join us all week to experience them all! Camps are $64 per day ($55 for members) and siblings receive a $5 discount. 

Grades: K – 2
Dates: Monday, December 19, 2022 through Friday, December 23, 2022

Budding Builders (Monday, December 19, 2022)
Grab your tools and become a civil engineer for a day. Build creative solutions to problems, use nuts and bolts to construct inventions, and find the best way to get the job done! Register here.

Spacecraft Solutions (Tuesday, December 20, 2022)
Learn about what it takes to be an aerospace engineer and reach the stars! Design and build spacecraft, experiment with aerodynamics, and work with your crew to create the perfect vessel to take flight! Register here.

Make a Connection (Wednesday, December 21, 2022)
Spend a day as an electrical engineer and illuminate your curiosity. Experiment with circuits while learning about electricity and create inventions using “Little Bits.” Register here.

Cityscape Construction (Thursday, December 22, 2022)
Plan and build a city as an architectural engineer. Draft designs and graphs, build structures using Blockitecture toys, and invent solutions to problems in your community. Register here.

The Future is Green (Friday, December 23, 2022)
Go green and explore how environmental engineering is designing a better future! Design and build city cleaning devices and experiment with building alternative energy infrastructure! Register here. 

Grades: 3 – 6
Dates: Monday, December 19, 2022 through Friday, December 23, 2022

Play by Your Own Rules (Monday, December 19, 2022)
What does a game need to function? What makes a game fun? Examine classic games and use everyday materials to create and play your own games. Register here.

Keep the Beat! (Tuesday, December 20, 2022)
Get moving and grooving playing rhythm-based games. Create your own rules and challenge each other to stay on the beat! Register here.

Escape Room Adventure (Wednesday, December 21, 2022)
Work together to examine puzzles, then design your own as part of a class escape room! Register here.

Imagination Station (Thursday, December 22, 2022)
Explore how games can be used to represent real jobs and impossible ideas. Create simulation games and unleash your imagination! Register here.

Minecraft Madness (Friday, December 23, 2022)
Build an adventure game using real-world materials, then get creative and build your own game within Minecraft, block by block! Register here.

Grades: K – 2
Dates: Monday, December 26, 2022 through Friday, December 30, 2022

Programming Power (Monday, December 26, 2022)
Discover the power of programming! Explore with Sphero's new robot, indi, and play cybersecurity games while learning the importance of encryption and how robots are used in daily life. Register here.

Secret Code Caper (Tuesday, December 27, 2022)
Dive in to the world of coding and encryption! Complete challenges with Sphero's indi robot using color sensors, and create your own secret codes to try and stump the instructor. Register here.

Bot to Bot (Wednesday, December 28, 2022)
Discover binary language! Play a game to learn how computers and robots communicate, and explore coding with Sphero's Bolt robot to complete tasks. Register here.

Robot Racers (Thursday, December 29, 2022)
Calling all racers! Use your coding skills to race Sphero's RVR robot to win first place! Explore with block coding and code a storybook. Register here.

Code Challenge (Friday, December 30, 2022)
Robots, robots everywhere! Experiment with coding different Sphero robots through challenges and even code a class dance party. Register here.

Grades: 3 – 6
Dates: Monday, December 26, 2022 through Friday, December 30, 2022

Ocean Explorers (Monday, December 26, 2022)
What do you love about oceans? How does an ocean compare to a lake? Explore traits of the ocean ecosystem and create ocean exploration gear using biomimicry! Register here.

Shark Science (Tuesday, December 27, 2022)
Fish are "JAWS"ome! Use bio-robotics to mimic fish behavior and play games. Investigate shark anatomy and adaptations, and learn how their teeth help them survive. Register here.

Saltwater Survey (Wednesday, December 28, 2022)
Take a deep dive into ocean life! Discover the lives of ocean species other than fish. Design an enrichment toy for an octopus, study the anatomy of a squid, and discover how turtles and whales have adapted to thrive in the ocean. Register here.

Reef Ecology (Thursday, December 29, 2022)
Explore how climate change is affecting the oceans' ecosystems, learn about reef life and biomass calculation and how they help scientists discover the health of the ecosystem. How can you help the ocean? Register here.

Ride the Wave: Ocean Games (Friday, December 30, 2022)
A call for change! Present projects around helping the ocean, play ocean-themed games, and discuss what you would need to recreate an ocean ecosystem in a tank at home. Register here.

Camp Curiosity is presented by The Timken Company with additional scholarship support from Cleveland Cliffs and The Laub Foundation.