Planned Giving: The Impact You Can Make

Carefully invested by our finance team, your Planned Gift allows science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to continue for our hundreds of thousands of guests each year from students to families.

Make a Lasting Difference

Planned Gift Intention Form

It's easy. Ensuring your legacy at Great Lakes Science Center can be as simple as adding a sentence to your existing will or adding Great Lakes Science Center on a beneficiary form. 

You have flexibility. Your gift can be a percentage so it remains in proportion to other desires you wish to fulfill. It can also come to the Science Center only after your other needs are met.

You have options. Your gift can be unrestricted, placed in our endowment, or you can choose to help fund a specific program.

Every gift will have a profound impact. Whether your gift is $5,000 or $5,000,000, we are grateful for every day that they receive the support they need. There are many ways to help!

To learn more about making a Planned Gift to Great Lakes Science Center, contact Kirsten Ellenbogen at 216-618-1514 or