Build It! Phase 2: Explore It! Presented by ArcelorMittal

Join us May 27-June 4 for a 9-day brick festival! LEGO artists from across the country will be here with their masterpieces, eight interactive exhibits will challenge guests to create their own works of art and best of all, no two days will be the same. Workshops, meet-and-greets and all other "Explore It!" activities are FREE with general admission.

Programming, exhibits and artwork happening each day throughout the nine-day festival:

  • 30+ MOCs (My Own Creations) on display. These LEGO scuptures have been created by some of the best LEGO artists in the United States!
  • 12 brick mosaics
  • Eight interactive exhibits created by Great Lakes Science Center (see more information below)
  • "Community Build" station courtesy of NEOLUG (Northeast Ohio LEGO Users Group)
  • Interactive building competitions for guests (daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • Photo Opportunities with Great Lakes Science Center's "life-size" minifig
  • Brick-themed Science Shows 

May 27 and 28 ONLY:

For a full schedule of activities on May 27, please click here. For a full schedule of activities on May 28, please click here.

  • Hands-on workshops led by LEGO experts from across the country 
  • The awe-inspiring “Great Ball Contraption" will be on display, plus creator Tom Atkinson will be here to explain how it was created and all that it can do
  • "Community Build Station" courtesy of NEOLUG
  • Lia Chan will use her robotic MOC to demonstrate NASA rocket launches
  • Opportunity to meet some of the best LEGO artists in the United States, including Tom Atkinson, Paul Janssen, Spencer Rezkalla, Lia Chan, Tyler Halliwell, Andy Milluzzi, and Matt De Lanoy

June 3 and 4 ONLY:

For a full schedule of activities on June 3, please click here. For a full schedule of activities on June 4, please click here.

  • Hands-on workshops led by LEGO experts from Northeast Ohio
  • Wilbert McKinley’s Teach Fleet – see modern ship MOCs, learn the science, technology, engineering and math behind these real life ships and build your own mini ships 
  • "Community Build Station" courtesy of NEOLUG
  • Opportunity to meet some of the best local LEGO artists in the United States, including Todd Wolf, Adrian Drake, John Stephens, Abbie Bocan, Rebecca D., Emery Ruffin, John Wolfe, Wayne Peltz, and the rest of the NEOLUG team. 

Interactive Exhibits throughout the 9-day Festival

Blackout – discover how to create LEGO sculptures with all black bricks.
Animation Station – make your own brick film using our 4 stop motion animation tablets and unique scenes.
Mosaic Masterpiece – use a 5”x 5” white base plate as your canvas. Design your own brick mosaic, and place it on temporary display.
Race Space – build a brick car with a variety of different sized wheels, and test it on two of our race tracks. Leave your car on temporary display at “The Brickyard.”
Blind Build – test your building skills with these 4 different stations, where you have to build a mini-kit with just the use of touch. No peeking!
LEGO® Maze – work with your friends/family to make your own brick maze, and test it with our marbles.
Brick Wall – leave your mark here at Great Lakes Science Center, by placing bricks and creating LEGO designs on our big blue base plate covered wall!
Toddler Area – “Build It!” is for kids and adults of all ages. Our youngest builders can enjoy their own area with jumbo interlocking bricks, and DUPLO compatible bricks. 


Eiffel Tower MOC created by Spencer Rezkalla


Rosie the Riveter mosaic MOC created by Abbie Bocan


NASA MOC created by Lia Chen


Cleveland Indians MOC created by LEGO artist Wayne Peltz


Rocket MOC created by LEGO artists Lia Chan


City of Springfield (The Simpsons) MOC created by Matt De Lanoy