Cleveland Creates Gallery

Now open! 

The Cleveland Creates Gallery presented by The Sherwin-Williams Company is a new addition to the museum’s permanent exhibits, and it is inspired by the innovative spirit of the city that lies just outside the museum’s doors. Inside the gallery, guests will engage with interactive exhibits that dive into the realms of technology, sensors, data and remote robotics, and will give them an opportunity to explore the tools and skills that are driving advances in Northeast Ohio. 

Stationed throughout the gallery are real-life representations of STEM professionals from across the community, covering industries such as aeronautics, automation, remote robotics, steel and chemistry. These authentic and representational members of the community are embedded into the exhibits that will inspire guests to see themselves confidently in the STEM-rich workforce of tomorrow. The gallery was developed, designed and fabricated with a multi-lingual approach including dual language interactives, videos and labels for broader inclusion.