How does green screen technology work?

Does your child have a favorite superhero movie? These movies are jam-packed with scenes where the hero can appear to fly through the sky, float in space, or even run across water! Turns out, you don't need to watch a blockbuster movie to see these special effects in action - all you need to do is turn on the news and watch your local weather forecast! Have you ever noticed how the meteorologist stands in front of a giant map with moving graphics? These special effects are created in the same way many movie effects are made - using a special tool called a green screen, or chromakey. 

Our Camp Curiosity campers created their very OWN superheroes, and using green screen technology, made them come to life!


Why is it called a green screen? Basically because it consists of a large screen that is actually green! Green screen technology allows TV and movie producers to superimpose their subjects onto virtual backgrounds.

Computer software is programmed to single out a specific color (green) and turn it transparent, effectively allowing another (virtual) image to show through.


 Fun Fact: Green screens, or chromakeys, can be ANY color! Just be careful not to wear the same color as the chromakey, or you'll disappear, too!

Ready to make your own green screen? Check out our Pinterest board for all the tips and tricks you'll need to create a birthday photo booth, a classroom learning tool, or even a mini film studio for your child's stuffed animals!

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