Hands-On Workshops for Field Trips or Outreach

All of the following workshops are available to be booked as a field trip or outreach to your school (unless otherwise noted).

Grades 1-2
20 minimum/30 maximum. Additional sessions will be scheduled for groups larger than 30. Duration: approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

States of Matter: Ice Cream Science 
Field trip - $8 per student
Outreach - $10 per student

Can we turn hot chocolate into ice cream? Explore the properties of solids, liquids and gases in this tasty experience. (Students with dairy/chocolate allergies will be offered an alternative treat.)

Dissection: Owl Pellets
Field trip - $8 per student
Outreach - $10 per student

Students will dissect an owl pellet with plastic tweezers. They will compare their findings with an identification chart to explore that creature’s habitat and discover what was in their diet! 

Engineering Challenge: Skyscrapers
Field trip - $6 per student
Outreach - $8 per student

Students will transform into engineers when they are challenged to build a tower out of simple paper that can hold weight.

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