Hands-On Workshops

$5 per student (20 minimum / 30 maximum). Additional sessions will be scheduled for groups larger than 30. Workshops must be scheduled at least four weeks in advance to order required supplies. Duration: approximately 45 minutes.

Jumping Jitterbugs
Students explore how circuits and electricity work together while designing and creating your own Jumping Jitterbug. An additional $1 per student materials fee will be applied for this workshop. PS3; PS4; PS5; SL3; SL4; SL5; L3; L4; L5

Engineering Challenge: Rescue Mission 
Students use the engineering and design process to construct a mini trampoline as they work in small groups to complete their mission. PS3; PS4; PS5; M3; M4; M5; SL3; SL4; SL5; L3; L4; L5

NEW! Agents of STEM
Manipulate matter and uncover the mysteries behind light and sound waves as students experiment with invisibility and sound amplification to become "Super Spies."