NASA Glenn Visitor Center App: Mission to STEM

Embark on a Mission to STEM! This app allows visitors to the NASA Glenn Visitor Center (part of Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, OH) to explore this trove of space science and technological history in a whole new way. Partnering with an animated digital companion, users search for mission patches that unlock the secrets of aerospace technology through guided activities. Along the way, you can:

  • Explore the interior of the museum's Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module through immersive 360° panoramas
  • Experiment with fire on board the International Space Station
  • Relive the creation, testing and landing of the ingenious Mars airbag landing system
  • See the inside of a hydrogen rocket engine through augmented reality
  • Navigate an Apollo capsule like an astronaut
  • Investigate how the shape of a spacecraft affects the amount of heat you’d experience on re-entry

Although audiences are strongly encouraged to experience this app while visiting Great Lakes Science Center, it can be used anywhere.


Apollo from Great Lakes Science Center on Vimeo.

Propulsion from Great Lakes Science Center on Vimeo.