About Junior Engineer

Unleash your creativity! Use common items to make things that move, roll, or fly.

There are many different types of engineers in the world from mechanical and aerospace, to civil and material. Our Junior Engineer camp will touch on some of the basic STEM principles that provide the foundation for this exciting field. Developing skills in collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking, campers will work together to create projects and get hands on with engineering activities.

Campers will investigate what makes an engineer, how toys move, how robots can be programmed to move, and how things can fly. Simple and familiar toys such as Play-Doh, marbles, rockets, blocks and bubbles take on new meaning as they are used to examine the STEM principles in camp.

Who knows? The next stop could be a giant couch cushion fort in the living room, a treehouse in the back yard, or the next super skyscraper! The only limit is their imagination.




June 10-14

Great Lakes Science Center

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July 8-12

Great Lakes Science Center

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