​​​​Design and Build

February 29, 2020

Join us in our ninth annual competition at Great Lakes Science Center! Design & Build provides a way for corporations, schools and families to build team spirit in a fun, creative environment while supporting the Science Center’s mission! Is your team up for the challenge in 2020?

Teams of two to eight individuals will be given a design challenge and all the materials needed on the day of the competition and then race against the clock, and the other teams, to see who can design, build and then test the most successful solution to the challenge. Teams compete in one of two categories: Youth (middle through high school students), and Corporate (adult teams or college students).

Design & Build gives the community the opportunity to engineer victory and construct a brighter future fueled by STEM learning and Great Lakes Science Center. Your organization and employees can make a direct impact on the next generation of doctors, engineers, researchers and astronauts!

Is your middle school or high school interested in participating? Contact Karyn Torigoe at (216) 696-2760 or torigoek@glsc.org to register your school team!

Download a sponsorship form here or contact Greg Renkas at (216) 696-3373 or renkasg@glsc.org


 Presenting Sponsor:


Innovator Sponsor:

Rockwell Automation

Designer Sponsor:

Lincoln Electric

Corporate Sponsor:

The Telos Alliance, The Sherwin-Williams Company, Tektronix Keithley, The Project Group, ASHRAE


A look back at Design & Build 2019!

Start your engines! In 2019, teams worked together to design a vehicle that could withstand a variety of track testing. The fastest, the slowest, and the vehicle that could stop on a dime were all awarded a set of points! Modifications were made to the vehicle between each round in an attempt to gain each point bracket. Take a look at last year's results: