CLEVELAND (March 4, 2022) – Get ready for an all-access backstage pass to the scientific innovations that shaped rock ‘n’ roll through the years and helped transform it into a powerful force that changed the world when The Science of Rock N’ Roll opens at Great Lakes Science Center on Friday, March 25.
Rock ‘n’ roll is an outlet for self-expression, artistry, and freedom. It has the power to influence, and break down barriers. And it’s science – a lot of science! This exhibition mixes science, technology, engineering and math with the passion of art of music to create the tunes that made us all rock.
Guests will learn how advancements in electronics such as the transistor radio, amplifiers, distortion pedals, magnetic tape recorders, and synthesizers impacted the evolution of rock music. They will learn how atmospheric science explains how powerful radio stations could “bounce” their signals for sometimes thousands of miles to help spread rock ‘n’ roll across the country, and how streaming services, file-sharing and portable devices like the Walkman and the iPod changed how fans listen to and consume the songs they love.
Channel your inner rock star in the instruments gallery and get a feeling for the guitar, keyboard and drums, and explore the recording experience as you mix tracks and step into the karaoke booth for your turn in the spotlight. Examine how rock music is composed by learning the science behind concepts such as tone, pitch, key, rhythm, tempo and harmony.
The exhibition also looks at the physiological effects of rock music. You may be surprised to learn what happens to your brain and body chemistry when you hear your favorite song! The technological advancements that led to the modern rock concert experience, the history of the music itself, features on careers in the music industry and so much more await inside this immersive, interactive exhibition.
So take a fresh look at the history of rock from the perspective of science and technology and see how music has shaped the tools of rock -- and how those tools have changed the music. Experience science in the key of rock!
(Editor’s note: The Science of Rock N’ Roll exhibition is included with general admission to the Science Center.)
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